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Re: updates in .pot files of system-config-language package

2009/9/17 Miloš Komarčević <kmilos gmail com>
2009/9/16 प्रविण सातपुते <pravin d s gmail com>:
> Dear All,
>     Due to some problems of system-config-language package i have
> regenerated .pot file, so i request all the localization team member please
> update the corresponding .po files.
> Let me know if anything to do from my side.

Also, construction tricks like

str = _(" language support is not installed, do you want to install
str = grpid[:-8] + str

do not work well for most languages other than English. Please include
the language name in the translatable string so we could change the
word order accordingly.

I would also like to recommend that you have a native English speaker
review some of the newly added strings.

I really wish this was brought up earlier in the development cycle.

hmm, i also got some more suggestions from other people for improving badly written and grammatical and/or stylistic errors.

in next development cycle, i will take care of all these issue and will also add comment wherever necessary.

Pravin Satpute

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