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Re: Fedora 12 Software Translation Review


That's nice thing, but could somebody tell to how to boot or even use this snapshot? I have downloaded, written out several times, but no show- so given up. I have first tried to boot in live mode. No success, because of the boot process freezing into deeply at gdm's boot picture, after each step until to this takes forever to go through. Tried to press usual keys, maybe appears something, but just an empty white box blinked on for a moment, and thats all, freezed as deeply as could, so I did the only thing to solve this - turned off my machine. Ok, i said, this is a snapshot, nothing is perfect - maybe intel drivers are not perfect, and plymouth also has problems maybe. So, okay - I made a try in vbox v3.0.4_build r50677. Created everything as should, and let the live iso run. Booting process to inside took also forever, but successfully booted in roughly in 8-9 (!) minutes. Without login window, language and keyboard choosing, the live system dropped sloooowly to the desktop with english language. Okay, looks like no else language has been added, so must be download. But I said, to let rid of this slowness - I want to have installed this snapshot. No go. Because of an (ABRT reported correctly) crash bug for anaconda - so installing the iso has been unavailable. However, picked up system-config-language, the program runned - choosed HU, the translations has been downloaded by yum - that works, but newly installed lang files activating after restart, but in live you loosing all of the changes. Tried only just to logout, but gone to totally frozen.

I don't know what causing this, but I couldn't checked my work inside.... Well, this is the same notebook what runs perfectly F11, and earlier versions too, but this snapshot gave me lot of headache.

PS: My notebook is an Fujitsu Amillo Pro 3405, with 1,5 gigs Ram, fully intel machine..... Somebody has similar experiences?

2009/9/17 Ankit Patel <ankit redhat com>
We are in the phase of Translation Review for Fedora 12 software translations
till 22nd September 2009. We definitely need to review the translations we have
submitted in the format of PO files through Transifex. Jens Petersen from
Fedora-i18n team has landed help for us and created a Live-Cd iso from the
latest rawhide, which includes latest packages rebuilt using the translations we
have submitted till 10th of September. Here is the url to download the Live-Cd
iso: http://people.redhat.com/petersen/f12-l10n/

Thanks Jens and Fedora-i18n team!

To test or review translations, there are two ways.
1. Install Fedora rawhide on your machine and go through each application you
translated in your native language.
2. Download & burn the Live-Cd iso from above mentioned URLs. Boot your computer
from the Live-Cd and go through applications.

This way we can get a chance to review our translations live using
applications actually, which gives us an opportunity to translate things in a
better way.


Ankit Patel

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