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Re: Fedora 12 Software Translation Review

Zoltan Hoppar wrote:


I don't know what causing this, but I couldn't checked my work inside.... Well, this is the same notebook what runs perfectly F11, and earlier versions
 too, but this snapshot gave me lot of headache.

PS: My notebook is an Fujitsu Amillo Pro 3405, with 1,5 gigs Ram, fully intel
 machine..... Somebody has similar experiences?

Hi Zoltan,

Sorry for all the trouble you faced with this Live-CD, but I guess it's because
the snapshot is taken from Rawhide which is not yet stable enough.

I have retried using the Live media, it used to hang for me too, I used to press
ESC and it used to go ahead to the next level.

Btw, in the GDM language menu I could find _magyar (Magyarország)_ which is I
guess Hungarian (hu). How did I get there? There is a Language Selection at the
bottom of the GDM page, where you Find "English" and "Other" only two options.
If you click "Other" you would be taken to the list of languages, there you
could find Hungarian.

http://imagebin.ca/img/g3EbxLZ.png is the screenshot I have taken from Magyar
desktop from Live-CD I have tested few minutes ago.

While Logging Out it freezed for me too, did trick of pressing ESC again and worked.

Btw, the Live-CD is written for 32bit machines, that I have tested on 64bit
machine, processor Intel 3.4Ghz, 2GB RAM.

Ankit Patel

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