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ABRT .pot has missing strings for translation and some are unclear even in English


I'm a Fedora Polish L10n Team member and while reviewing translations
for ABRT (from l10n livecd 2009-09-17 and Transifex .po/.pot files) I
noticed that there are many strings in ABRT that are not in .pot files,
so they can't be translated:

1. Gnome menu description "View and report application crashes"
2. "Icon" table header
3. "Settings" window titlebar
4. Names and descriptions of plug-ins in the Preferences window
5. "Plugin Details" and the actual plugin details. "Version", "Author",
6. "Configure plugin"

Also, there are several strings that will unclear for _users_, even in
English. Without them changing, a translator can either compensate for
this or leave it as it is and make users of his locale confused as well.

1. "Quota exceeded". It doesn't say what for. One doesn't translate the
variable that comes afterwards, so the end user has no idea what quota
this is about. Please consider changing it to "Report size exceeded the
quota" or sth along these lines.

2. "Please check your MaxCrashReportsSize value in abrt.conf."

The "your" thing is pretty ambiguous. Is quota given on per-user basis
in abrt.conf? Does one have abrt.conf in his home directory?

I've checked the /etc/abrt/abrt.conf and it seems that neither. So,
could you perhaps replace "your" with "system's" (as to indicate that
it's system-wide setting). That would be much less confusing.

2. "This is the default handler". Same as 1. How about "This is the
default crash handler" and "default handler for exceeded quotas"?

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ABRTF12 says ABRT is aimed at
non-power users, so these things really make a difference.

I'm CC'ing fedora-trans-list and my L10n Team maintainer.

It would be great if you could request a string break and update the
strings before the translation deadline on 2009-09-22. This way we could
ship a polished translation in time for Fedora 12.


Tomek Chrzczonowicz

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