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[Fwd: Re: Missing strings for translation of system-config-cluster (outdated .pot files in CVS/Transifex?)]

We have one answer. 
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On 09/18/2009 05:05 AM, Tomek Chrzczonowicz wrote:
> Hello,
> While reviewing translations for system-config-cluster (from l10n livecd
> 2009-09-17 and Transifex .po/.pot files) I
> noticed that there are many strings in system-config-cluster that are
> not in .pot file,
> so they can't be translated.
> Actually, it seems like the most of the application has no .pot entries.
> .pot files from Transifex and CVS have "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-09-02
> 15:53-0400\n"
> It looks like the .pot file is seriously outdated.
> Can you please look into this?
> The translation deadline is 2009-09-22. It would be great to be able to
> deliver a complete and polished translation for Fedora 12.

Forwarding to Ryan McCabe who is the new (temporary) maintainer of this

Note, s-c-cluster is being deprecated and will be removed from Fedora.
We're focusing efforts on the Luci/Conga web interface instead of
splitting effort between Conga and s-c-cluster.  The original goal was to
remove it from Fedora prior to F12 release.  (Ryan/Fabio, did we follow
the proper process here to get this component removed?)

Because this component is being deprecated we won't be putting new effort
into internationalization/translation for it.  The community is of course
welcome to pick up the code base and continue development on this
component if desired.



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