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Re: initscripts troubles

Fortunately, some day in the near future initscripts will be
deprecated and a better init system Ubuntu like will be used...

2009/9/18 Miloslav Trmač <mitr volny cz>:
> Adam Pribyl píše v Pá 18. 09. 2009 v 12:03 +0200:
>> Does anybody understand why the translation of initscripts is so messy
>> with every release? Why so many times "Starting" and "Stoppin" some
>> service or deamon in so many variants, ($0, $prog, ${prog} etc.) some
>> services do have their names hardcoded, and with every release there is a
>> bunch of various small changes getting this translation pretty annoying.
>> This would be really helpful if those messages get unified...
> The strings to translate do not come only from initscripts, but also
> from /etc/init.d/* files from all packages in the distribution.  Many
> package developers might not realize that $"..." means translation, or
> what makes translator's lives difficult.
>> Does anybody know where to push?
> Centralizing the messages inside functions in /etc/init.d/functions, and
> then trying to convince package maintainers to use these functions,
> would probably make most sense overall.  Failing that, just document the
> exact preferred strings in a Fedora wiki and try to convince package
> maintainers to use them.  In any case it's a lot of work that will never
> be truly complete.
> Mirek
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