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Re: Shortened names in Anaconda

Il 18/09/2009 13:23, Zoltan Hoppar ha scritto:

I try currently to fix shortened names translation in the installer but I don't know the full meaning some of them, could somebody help in it?


'of LUN %s at WWPN %s on zFCP device'
'Add FCoE Disk(s)'

What is LUN, WWPN, and zFCP device, or FCoE Disk???


l10n HU translator

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Hi Zoltan,

LUN stands for "Logical unit number" and it is an identifier of a SCSI logical unit (the same goes for FibreChannel and iSCSI as well).

WWPN stands for World Wide Port Name basically this is  a www-like name assigned to a node (device) in a Fibre Channel fabric.

FCoE stands for Fibre Channel over Ethernet which is used to encapsulate FC frames over and ethernet medium

Can't remember what zFCP stands for but it should be an IBM fibre channel adapter.

Hope it helps, in case just let me know :)

Daniele Catanesi
Network Engineer

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