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Re: German translation of system-config-firewall

Hi Thomas,

2009/9/22 Thomas Woerner <twoerner redhat com>:
> Hello,
> as the maintainer of system-config-firewall, I have ongoing problems with
> german translations in this tool.
> In german there is no matching word for "trusted". The translation
> "vertraut" means "familiar" or "close", but not "trusted"! In the german
> language we are using "Trusted Computing" as a fixed term, because you can
> not have a short term explaining it correctly. Therefore I am also using
> "trusted" for services and interfaces.
> Every few weeks some translators are replacing the word "trusted" with
> "vertraut". Can you please stop doing this?
> I would appreciate if you are changing all occurrences of "vertraut" back to
> "trusted".
> Thanks in advance,
> Thomas
> PS: Maybe also other languages are affected by this problem, but I can not
> check that.

these requests are better communicated to developers by filing a bug
in redhat's bugzilla, also it makes tracking the issue easier and more
public. Please enter yourself the issue into bugzilla.redhat.com, the
steps should be easy.


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