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Re: string freeze break?!


> Maybe we have to make them care? If we do it like it is now, we get good
> english strings, but poor translated strings - and english strings in a
> translated environment.

I've always felt that translations always come last for developers,
many Fedora projects don't even have a sane automatized i18n
environment integrated into the build that would ease having POT and
PO always up to date and they do it manually. I've used intltool for
this purpose on my own projects and it's not that hard to do. They
simply don't care.

I think developers that broke the string freeze without noticing the
list (or that don't even care) should be publicly blamed. To some
extent, I'd rather not submit translations to these projects anymore.
For instance, my imsettings translation was sent by mail and not
commited yet. It doesn't take more than 1 min to save a file...

My .02 €.

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