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Re: Yum translation policy?

Dne 23/9/2009, napsal "Domingo Becker" <domingobecker gmail com>:

>2009/9/23 Adam Pribyl <pribyl lowlevel cz>:
>> I've submited full yum 3.2 branch translation to yum ticketing system
>> http://yum.baseurl.org/ticket/248
>> as per request in transifex, but the translation is still not included. Does
>> anybody know, what is the procedure for yum translation to get into
>> transifex?
>A ticket there will result in your translations completely lost.
>File a bug in Fedora's bugzilla so the package maintainer takes it in count.

Reading page
"Submit translations by opening a bug report on the upstream ticketing
system." with link to yum.baseurl.org is really clear in that... OK
I'll duplicate this to RHBZ.

>> Is it possible to "lock" a translation in transifex for a
>> language, that is not listed in existing languages, to prevent anybody else
>> working on it?
>No it's not. It's because it doesn't exist.
>You have to start a new file from the pot, save the file as .po file,
>upload a new translation (it will be at 0% at that point) .and then Tx
>will allow you to lock it.

In general yes, but for yum you can not submit via transifex, therefore I
can not create and empty po... that's the problem.

Thanks anyway.

>Domingo Becker (es)

Adam Pribyl

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