Fedora Project Mailing Lists reminder

Elliot Lee sopwith at redhat.com
Wed Mar 16 17:28:02 UTC 2005

This is a reminder of the mailing lists for the Fedora Project, and
the purpose of each list. You can view this information at

When you're using these mailing lists, please take the time to choose
the one that is most appropriate to your post. If you don't know the
right mailing list to use for a question or discussion, please contact
me. This will help you get the best possible answer for your question,
and keep other list subscribers happy!

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are email addresses which send email to all users
subscribed to the mailing list. Sending an email to a mailing list
reaches all users interested in discussing a specific topic and users
available to help other users with the topic.

The following mailing lists are available. To subscribe, send email to <listname>-request at redhat.com
(replace <listname> with the desired mailing list name such as
fedora-list) with the word subscribe in the subject.

fedora-announce-list - Announcements of changes and events. To stay
aware of news, subscribe to this list.
fedora-list - For users of releases. If you want help with a problem
installing or using , this is the list for you.
fedora-test-list - For testers of test releases. If you would like to
discuss experiences using TEST releases, this is the list for you.
fedora-devel-list - For developers, developers, developers. If you are
interested in helping create releases, this is the list for you.
fedora-extras-list - For users and developers of Fedora Extras
fedora-docs-list - For participants of the docs project
fedora-desktop-list - For discussions about desktop issues such as user
interfaces, artwork, and usability
fedora-config-list - For discussions about the development of
configuration tools
fedora-tools-list - For discussions about the toolchain (gcc, gdb,
etc...) within Fedora
fedora-devel-java-list - For discussions about Java-related Fedora
fedora-patches-list - For submitting patches to Fedora maintainers, and
used in line with BugWeek
fedora-legacy-announce - For announcements about the Fedora Legacy
fedora-legacy-list - For discussions about the Fedora Legacy Project
fedora-selinux-list - For discussions about the Fedora SELinux Project
fedora-marketing-list - For discussions about marketing and expanding
the Fedora user base
fedora-de-list - For discussions about Fedora in the German language
fedora-es-list - For discussions about Fedora in the Spanish language
fedora-ja-list - For discussions about Fedora in the Japanese language
fedora-i18n-list - For discussions about the internationalization of
Fedora Core
fedora-trans-list - For discussions about translating the software and
documentation associated with the Fedora Project
German: fedora-trans-de
French: fedora-trans-fr
Spanish: fedora-trans-es
Italian: fedora-trans-it
Brazilian Portuguese: fedora-trans-pt_br
Japanese: fedora-trans-ja
Korean: fedora-trans-ko
Simplified Chinese: fedora-trans-zh_cn
Traditional Chinese: fedora-trans-zh_tw

More information about the Fedora-trans-zh_cn mailing list