Question about the translation process of fedora 7 relnotes

Yuan Yijun bbbush.yuan at
Tue Apr 3 04:59:28 UTC 2007


I have some question about translation process. Vmlinuz may going to
translate it.

* What is the CVS url for fedora 7 relnotes?

* What group should translator have in the fedora account system?

* How to begin translation, I cannot find RELEASE-NOTES on fedora i18n
status page, so how can I "TAKE" it? I rememberred for fc6 relnotes it
was here:

* How to notify the others that I'm translating it?

* When will POT file get ready, will there be any email notifications?

* Do I need to modify "Makefile" and run "make xxxxx" to generate
zh_CN.po as before?


bbbush ^_^

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