Self-Introduction: junkie

Junkie o0o percy.lau at
Sun Dec 14 15:59:08 UTC 2008


Full Name: junkie
City, Country: Beijing China
Profession: software enginer/system mainter
Company: xteam Beijing Ltd
GPG KEYID and fingerprint junkie~/web>gpg --fingerprint 19886493
pub   1024D/19886493 2008-04-11 [expires: 2011-11-26]
      Key fingerprint = 7EBE 0153 EB04 FE86 63BE  11CC D179 7E84 1988 6493
uid                  junkie <junkie at>
uid                  liupeng <liupeng at>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 7327]
sub   2048g/D9B0D95D 2008-04-11 [expires: 2011-11-26]

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