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有一些关于 PulseAudio 的名词解释

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Writing modern volume control UIs (i.e. 'mixer tools') is much harder
to get right than it might appear at first. Because that is the way it
is I've put together a rough guide what to keep in mind when writing
them for PulseAudio. Originally just intended to be a bit of help for
the gnome-volume-control guys I believe this could be an interesting
read for other people as well.

It touches a lot of topics: volumes in general, how to present them,
what to present, base volumes, flat volumes, what to do about
multichannel volumes, controlling clients, controlling cards, handling
default devices, saving/restoring volumes/devices, sound event sliders,
how to monitor PCM and more.

So make sure to give it at least a quick peek! If you plan to write a
volume control for ncurses or KDE (hint, hint!) even more so, it's a
must read.

Maybe this might also help illustrating why I think that abstracting
volume control interfaces inside of abstraction layers such as Phonon
or GStreamer is doomed to fail, and just not even worth the try.

And now, without further ado I give you 'Writing Volume Control UIs'.

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