[Bug 486252] KDE4.2 cannot show Chinese fonts after using anti-aliasing

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Fri Feb 20 07:31:01 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #5 from yd.nvstp at gmail.com  2009-02-20 02:31:01 EDT ---
Sorry, I made a wrong description about the bug.

The correct steps to reproduce the bug:

1. open the "system settings"
2. open "appearance" setting module
3. select the "Fonts" setting
4. select "Enabled" in "Use anti-aliasing", then press "Configure..." button
5. select "RGB" in "Use sub-pixel rendering"
6. choose "Slight" in "Hinting style"
7. an last, press "Apply"

That all. Then we open the konqueror, open "www.google.cn", no Chinese fonts

I think this bug may be about the wenquanyi fonts.

(In reply to comment #3)
> Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce this bug.
> What I did is :
> 1. Freshly install a Fedora 10 from Fedora-10-Live-KDE-i686
> 2. Upgrade KDE to 4.2 via su -c 'yum update kde*'
> 3. Because the default locale set of KDE LiveCD is en_US, I suppose the correct
> LANG environment variable is necessary: Changing the first line in
> /etc/sysconfig/i18n from LANG="en_US.UFT-8" to LANG="zh_CN.UTF-8" .
> 4. Install the KDE Language Pack via su -c 'yum install kde-l10n-Chinese'
> 5. Reboot the system.
> Then the whole KDE interface was displayed in Chinese after login. I used
> Konqueror as the browser (Firefox is not installed by default under KDE
> LiveCD)to test the websites below:
>  http://www.sina.com.cn   Kind of slow due to the lack of Flash plugin, but all
> Chinese characters were correctly rendered.
>  http://www.google.cn     Perfectly displayed.
> From the reproduce steps I did above, I would like to say this could not be a
> problem about Fedora.

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