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[Bug 354071] cups and networkmanager should communicate about changing networks

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Ulrich Drepper <drepper redhat com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Ulrich Drepper <drepper redhat com>  2008-08-03 01:58:44 EDT ---
Applications do not automatically notice if /etc/resolv.conf changes.  Only
nscd does.  The overhead is simply to high.  If somehow the program starts up
when no /etc/resolv.conf file exists something like described in the comments
happens.  It might be worthwhile to determine when /etc/resolv.conf was read
and why it wasn't there.

There is one alternative.  Programs can invalidate their resolver setting by
calling _res_init().  This has to be done by the program itself?  Does cups do
this?  When?

I don't think there is anything wrong in glibc.  If you want the change of a
nameserver happen automatically and transparently then use nscd.

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