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[Bug 194249] CDs/DVDs encrypted with LUKS are not correctly mounted

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--- Comment #14 from Till Maas <opensource till name>  2008-08-07 18:01:19 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #13)

> I can certainly make the CD contents visible by doing the following steps:
> MAPPER="cryptocd"
> CDROM=/dev/cdrom
> MOUNTDIR=/mnt/tmp
> LOOP=$(losetup -f)
> losetup $LOOP $CDROM && echo $LOOP >/tmp/loop_device
> cryptsetup luksOpen $LOOP $MAPPER
> mount /dev/mapper/$MAPPER $MOUNTDIR

This will not help to resolve the original problem, but you should not need to
use losetup here I guess. And you can probably use mount.crypt from pam_mount
to easily mount your cdrom with:

mount.crypt /dev/cdrom /mnt/tmp

umount.crypt /mnt/tmp should also work then.

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