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[Bug 204170] elfutils don't pass testsuite on alpha

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--- Comment #47 from Roland McGrath <roland redhat com>  2008-08-07 18:09:38 EDT ---
The situation is the same as before.  Those two errors are about data_start and
__data_start, which are two symbols with the same value/section (aliases
defined together).  It looks like there is an ld bug here.  The st_value of
data_start is not plausible.  It's supposed to be the beginning of .data, but
there is no .data section at all.  If there were, I'm sure it would have
st_align=8, so that would not be its address.  Somehow these symbols have ended
up pointing to the .got section but with an address that's 4 bytes before .got
(and thus misaligned).

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