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[Bug 446294] incorrect exit from 'ls'

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Greg Metcalfe <metcalfegreg qwest net> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|rawhide                     |8

--- Comment #6 from Greg Metcalfe <metcalfegreg qwest net>  2008-08-18 22:36:40 EDT ---
It's been three months. Any progress, or should I just assume it may not be
fixed for many more months, internally document, and add to the test case
matrix? I know RH and GNU folk are busy, but I am too. After three months, I
have to get off the dime.

Changed version to 8, as that's verified here, and I don't want this thought of
as some future thing about rawhide. The problem is right here, right now, as a
verifiable flaw in RHEL 5 and Fedora 8.

Would it speed the process in the future if I reported problems with the GNU
userland via Savannah? I just want the fastest means to resolve the problem.
Perhaps upstream should have been the way to go. I assumed (yes, I know that
stale joke) that you guys had streamlined channels into the GNU org.

Guidance would be appreciated.

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