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[Bug 446294] incorrect exit from 'ls'

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--- Comment #7 from Ondrej Vasik <ovasik redhat com>  2008-08-19 02:52:35 EDT ---
I asked Jim Meyering (upstream maintainer of coreutils, employed in Red Hat -
so that's the direct channel) in May about that issue. He said that the
behaviour is correct and will not change and the only change could be in
documentation - to clarify what missing subdir means or to choose different
example of exit code 1 - and that he is not going to change it but will accept
documentation patch to clarify that behaviour. I was not sure how to improve
the documentation to make it clear and short and had some other issues with
higher priority. Red Hat Bugzilla is usually the best way - as some things are
a bit different in Red Hat version of coreutils (most differences in PAM and
SELinux). I'm always informing Jim about new bugzillas which are relevant for
upstream. You are right that three months are quiet a long time. I will try to
find out proper formulation and possibly add this manpage improvement into
upcoming RHEL-5 coreutils update (which should be in RHEL 5.3). If you have any
wish/idea about the proper formulation for documentation, feel free to add it.

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