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[Bug 441073] user firewire permissions and dvgrab

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--- Comment #13 from Stefan Richter <stefan-r-rhbz s5r6 in-berlin de>  2008-08-20 12:39:18 EDT ---
If access to the local node is granted (in addition to access to an AV/C
capable node), then
  - dvgrab,
  - firecontrol,
  - gscanbus,
  - kino
work fine.  Of course firecontrol and gscanbus won't be able to communicate
with nodes whose permissions are still the default strict ones, but this may be
considered a feature rather than a bug.

A problem is that the firewire-core sysfs interface does not export any hint
whatsoever whether a node is a local node or not.  An udev rule like
SUBSYSTEM=="firewire", ATTR{vendor_name}=="Linux Firewire", [...]
will catch local nodes, but also remote nodes if they ran Linux/Juju.

Of course security of remote Linux nodes is the business of the remote node's
stack, not the local kernel's or userland's task.  Anyway; the glass-half-full
message here is that we _can_ keep access to SBP-2 devices disabled (if we
don't count hypothetical Linux/Juju nodes running SBP-2 target software) and
still get existing libraw1394 clients going --- we just need to open up the
local node for user access.

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