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[Bug 446294] incorrect exit from 'ls'

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--- Comment #12 from Greg Metcalfe <metcalfegreg qwest net>  2008-08-21 15:19:15 EDT ---
Reply to Comment #10, "I would not call it a bug, it is just a bit confusing

That's a philosophical distinction. To me, an important measure of software
quality lies in whether it runs as it's documented to run. A flaw in docs,
whether external to the sources, such as man pages, or internal, such as
comments, can cause a lot of man-hour wastage. You can't quantify that, as you
can have no idea of some random end-user's circumstances.

I regard any flaw in a shipping package as a bug, as it's a potentially serious
disservice to that random end-user. If you want to have that discussion, we'd
best take it off-line. We seem to have very different ideas about quality.

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