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[Bug 207470] Need ability to handle duplicate VG names for Xen

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--- Comment #9 from Dave Wysochanski <dwysocha redhat com>  2008-08-29 16:07:23 EDT ---
One potential option that is relatively easy and gets us a little further is
this.  Modify vgrename to have a "--force" option on it and allow renames into
duplicate VG names.

I don't entirely like this idea, but it's relatively simple to implement in the
code from what I can tell.  I'm not sure of all potential side-effects yet
(e.g. cluster?)  The change is not ideal, but allows us to do a sequence like
the following.

1. Use vgrename to map the duplicate xen domU VG (e.g. VolGroup00) to a
temporary name, using the 'uuid' of the VG
2. Activate the VG, mount LVs, do maintenance, etc
3. Unmount the LVs, deactivate the VG
4. Rename the VG back to the original name.

Currently we allow vgrename away from duplicate VG names, but not back.  The
current situation is not good because you can get yourself into a situation
where you can't get back to a bootable system very easily (step #4 above will

I am looking at alternatives of using the UUID to disambiguate the LV / dm
target names but right now that is looking more involved.

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