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[Bug 219750] Hotplug script not working in gpsd package.

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--- Comment #32 from Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com>  2008-12-25 17:46:56 EDT ---
There is a better fix in the SVN tree, and should be included in the next
release of GPSD. It works with Udev to create a /dev/gps? symlink for the USB
device, and then runs the hotplug wrapper that sends the correct
connect/disconnect information to the hotplug script. The hard part on the
disconnect is that udev does not have the USB information to test on the
disconnect, but you can still test the symlink when a USB device is

This is a much better fix then my patches here. The could be deleted, as the
information in the SVN tree makes them obsolete.

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