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[Bug 250881] incorrect context for encrypted /tmp with /etc/crypttab

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Summary: incorrect context for encrypted /tmp with /etc/crypttab


wswilburn earthlink net changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|8                           |9

------- Additional Comments From wswilburn earthlink net  2008-07-01 21:48 EST -------
Changing version to F9.

The problem is due to to problems in rc.sysinit

1. The RNG is started after local file systems are mounted. If, as in my case,
/tmp and /var/tmp are encrypted with random keys, these aprtitions can't be
mounted at the correct time. Moving the RNG initialization to just before
mounting local file systems fixes this problem. However, logic to mount /var
first, it it is not part of the root partition is also needed so the RNG can
have /var/lib/random-seed is also needed to cover all cases. I haven't done this.

2. /var/tmp needs to be added to the restorecon command that operates on /tmp as
part of the "Clean up various /tmp bits" section. This sets the proper context
for /var/tmp as well as /tmp.

I'll attach a diff against rc.sysinit.

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