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[Bug 230856] autogen package is misconfigured

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Summary: autogen package is misconfigured


------- Additional Comments From debarshi ray gmail com  2008-07-27 02:47 EST -------
autogen has a runtime dependency on autogen-libopts, while autogen-libopts-devel
has a similar dependency on autogen-libopts.

These are the files in the autogen:

%doc ChangeLog
%doc NEWS
%doc TODO
%doc pkg/libopts/COPYING.gplv3

%dir %{_datadir}/%{name}

These are the files in autogen-libopts:

%doc pkg/libopts/COPYING.mbsd
%doc pkg/libopts/COPYING.lgplv3

These are the files in the autogen-libopts-devel:


%dir %{_includedir}/autoopts

Moreover autogen is tagged as GPLv3+. (Some files are licensed under GPLv2+.
Some files are licensed under GPLv2+.) autogen-libopts and autogen-libopts-devel
are tagged as LGPLv3+. (Although sources are dual licensed with BSD, some
autogen generated files are only under LGPLv3+. We drop BSD to avoid multiple
licensing scenario.)

So I guess the clients do not have to bother about the GPL virus, since the
libraries are separated out in LGPL-ed packages.

Package sources: http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/rpms/autogen/devel/


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