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[Bug 212869] udev inconsistant naming

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Summary: udev inconsistant naming


------- Additional Comments From namonai gmail com  2008-05-05 21:52 EST -------
I would humbly propose using the PCI address for ordering of video and audio
cards.  If a card's PCI address does not have a mapping, assign the next open
one.  If a card DOES have a PCI address mapping, use that one.  This could cause
regressions as well, if, say, the primary audio card dies and only the second
one is available.  I'm not sure what 'default' then becomes in ALSA-land (if
it's even possible to have an ALSA sound card '1' without '0').

I haven't tried this with Fedora 9 yet, but I suspect the bug can be moved to
that target.

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