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[Bug 220941] drivel - rythmbox integration broken

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Summary: drivel - rythmbox integration broken


stickster gmail com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  Status Whiteboard| bzcl34nup                  |bzcl34nup

------- Additional Comments From stickster gmail com  2008-05-07 08:42 EST -------
On a personal note, I'm sorry to have to close this as well.  I've tried
communicating with upstream a number of times, on this and other drivel bugs,
and they are entirely unresponsive.  I'd call the project next to dead.  Some of
the people on the list have talked about forking it so they can maintain a
codebase, but nothing has really happened there.  If the reporter here is
interested, I'd encourage him to get involved with them and see if they want to
revive this tool.  Sorry again for the lingering bug, and let me know if I can
be of further assistance.

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