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[Bug 222137] "lpr -o landscape" no longer works. (CUPS)

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Summary: "lpr -o landscape" no longer works. (CUPS)


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------- Additional Comments From twaugh redhat com  2008-05-14 06:40 EST -------
The CUPS texttops filter does in fact deal correctly with the 'landscape'
option.  Try this:

perl -e 'print "abcd "x25' | /usr/lib/cups/filter/texttops 1 tim '' 1
'landscape' > texttops.ps

The resulting texttops.ps file looks like this:

|a a a a |
|a       |

and has a special line near the top:

%cupsRotation: 270

to tell pstops what type of rotation it should do.  Perhaps texttopaps should
behave in the same way?

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