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[Bug 408531] System crash while calling via sip

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Summary: System crash while calling via sip


------- Additional Comments From t funk web de  2008-05-29 11:04 EST -------
I could try it on my test installation of F9. But sadly F9 is not usable for
daily working ...

Here some things I've done in the past to check when the crash occurs (or not):

It appears faster if I use seamless rdp to open Window apps under linux (I use
it to work daily with Outlook and Word). But unfortunately it appears also
without seamles rdp - it tooks only longer to crash. At the moment I use OWA via
browser - so the crashes are reduced to 70% - but happens sporadically anyway.

Then I have set "noacpi" but no changes.

I've tried without a swap partition. After a while of phoning the heard sound
began to chop and then (after 2 or 3 sec) crash.

I've began to check the mem usage with conky on the second screen but it happens
not after the available mem was full! I think there was 500 or 700 MB of 2G
free. Unfortunately it often crashes when a app was over conky ...

Therefore I've checked with memtest the ram. But no errors occur after 4 hours,
so I stopped the test.

I can check more if someone has ideas cause it's very important for me that this
error will be fixed - daily working is very hard with constantly crashs and
needed reboots.



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