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[Bug 248905] Firestarter - errors reported to ~/.xsession-errors

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Summary: Firestarter - errors reported to ~/.xsession-errors


hlingler verizon net changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|7                           |8

------- Additional Comments From hlingler verizon net  2008-05-29 12:11 EST -------
In response to Comment #2:

I am aware that the firestarter code is getting quite stale as it has not been 
maintained for some years now. And the problems are not getting better: the GUI 
has refused to load the logs, and the GUI always crashes in F8, simply 
disappearing from the system tray soon after starting.  The service daemon 
continues to run, apparently just fine, managing the firewall.

Changing Fedora Release version to F8. Have not had a chance to check F9 yet.

Thanx and Regards,

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