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[Bug 189473] bonding: xenbr after boot broken, after xend restart networking gone altogether

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--- Comment #14 from Axel Thimm <axel thimm atrpms net>  2008-11-08 02:20:45 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> Note this bug is open for the "Fedora Product".  We do not track RHEL issues
> here.  Please raise this question through your regular support vehicle, TAM, or
> Partner Manager.

Actually I originally encountered this on RHEL, but I only have support-free
developer licenses. Maybe here even is a bug report on RHEL by me with a
similar answer as above ("elevate ticket status through XYZ").

At least I had a couple of RHEL bugs I had to degrade to Fedora bugs as I can't
raise their importance.

FWIW the bonding/bridging issue is still out there for any Linux distribution,
be it Fedora, RHEL or LFS.

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