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[Bug 229469] NFS fcntl locks being released locally but not on server

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--- Comment #28 from csb sysadmin <admin structbio vanderbilt edu>  2008-11-17 17:45:46 EDT ---
I don't know if what we experienced has anything to do with thie problem, but
we had a RHEL5 system running 2.6.18-92.1.1 and after a 138 day uptime, the NFS
server stopped being able to complete fcntl64(..., F_GETLK, .. calls or
fcntl64(255, F_GETFL) calls in strace. For users whose home directories were on
this server, these users could not start firefox, thunderbird, openoffice, many
KDE apps, etc and I couldn't run this test script no matter which of the 35+
other RHEL4 and RHEL5 NFS clients I tried :


flock -x 200
uname -a >> allHosts.txt
) 200>> lockFile

It would just hang. Eventually we had to reboot the NFS server, re-starting NFS
didn't help, and I don't think there is anyway to re-start [lockd] since it's a
kernel level process.

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