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[Bug 247616] gnupg2: gpg-agent autostart, ssh support (RFE)

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--- Comment #21 from Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu>  2008-11-24 08:55:03 EDT ---
gpg-agent already autostarts in kde in fedora (albeit, not with a separate pkg
as described here), and when queried, the gnome-desktop folks weren't keen on
enabling that same support for gnome (as a matter of fact, claimed there wasn't
a technical solution even to do so, interesting to see an implementation is

Christian, the gpg-agent-startup-kde is good for only up to F-8, for F-9+
Requires: kdebase3 is wrong (should be kdebase-workspace-devel, or just leave
it out).  I appreciate what Ekaaty is trying to do here, but they(you?) would
be much better served coordinating such changes with upstream here.  I'd love
to see more love/interest making this all better, esp with downstream input.

Regardless, these comments are outside the scope of *this* bug, which is about
enabling ssh agent support in gpg-agent.  :)

Time to bite-the-bullet here, and actually do some planning/work to get this
*-agent mess unified and sorted out.  Perhaps in the F-11 time-frame.  Means, 
1.  See what other distros have done or are planning in this problem-space
2.  ping all interested parties (gpgme, seahorse, gnome-keyring, etc...) for
input, requirements
3.  code, feedback
... miracles occur ...
99. profit!

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