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[Bug 247616] gnupg2: gpg-agent autostart, ssh support (RFE)

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--- Comment #22 from Christian Tosta <tosta users sourceforge net>  2008-11-25 11:30:57 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #21)
> Christian, the gpg-agent-startup-kde is good for only up to F-8, for F-9+
> Requires: kdebase3 is wrong (should be kdebase-workspace-devel, or just leave
> it out).  I appreciate what Ekaaty is trying to do here, but they(you?) would
> be much better served coordinating such changes with upstream here.  I'd love
> to see more love/interest making this all better, esp with downstream input.

Ekaaty 3 is based on Fedora 9, but it comes with KDE (Mod) 3.5.10. That is why
the package requires the kdebase3 and not kde-devel-workspace. Otherwise,
gpg-agent-startup is good for F-8- as you say.

> Regardless, these comments are outside the scope of *this* bug, which is about
> enabling ssh agent support in gpg-agent.  :)

Hum... I will think about whether there is a way to include ssh-agent in its
implementation. Where can I give a feedback.

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