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[Bug 155794] boot freeze unless idle=poll - VIA VT8374 P4X400 Celeron 2.40GHz

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Len Brown <len brown intel com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|boot freeze unless acpi=off |boot freeze unless
                   |- VIA VT8374 P4X400 Celeron |idle=poll - VIA VT8374
                   |2.40GHz                     |P4X400 Celeron 2.40GHz
               Flag|                            |needinfo?(lapham jandr org)

--- Comment #53 from Len Brown <len brown intel com>  2008-11-28 00:30:34 EDT ---
Thanks for confirming that acpi=ht and idle=poll work.

re: disabling cpufreq
the idea was to test that all by itself w/o any boot options.
(probably there is a boot option to disable cpufreq, but
 I don't notice it at the moment).  Yes, still try this
 for if it works, that would be a big clue.

However, "idle=poll" is the biggest clue so far.  It suggests
the problem is in the ACPI or CPU_IDLE C-state code.

Please try booting with "processor.max_cstate=1"
If that works, try booting with "processor.max_cstate=2"
If that works, try booting with "processor.max_cstate=3"

and if they work, show the output from
grep . /proc/acpi/processor/*/power
grep . /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpuidle/*/*

The FACP(s) for this box shows that it should be
trying to use _CST, but curiously, there is
no _CST in the DSDT (nor any Load instructions
which could pull it in)  The FACP also suggests
that we should not be attempting C2 or C3 (101, 1001
decimal latency, respectively)

[05Fh 095  1]                 _CST Support : E3
[060h 096  2]                   C2 Latency : 0065
[062h 098  2]                   C3 Latency : 03E9

Please try booting with "processor.nocst"
please paste the output from cat /proc/cpuinfo
(I want to see if it has "monitor" in the flags")

Also, if you can test with Linux 2.6.27 or later,
please try "idle=halt" and then "idle=nomwait"

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