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[Bug 263241] NTLM library needed

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--- Comment #5 from Kevin Kofler <kevin tigcc ticalc org>  2008-10-09 17:24:45 EDT ---
By the way, the specfile for the Fedora package is here:

Looks really easy to package and maintain (can't really get much simpler), and
the soname is still at .so.0, so they aren't breaking the ABI willy-nilly
either, and the license is plain LGPLv2+, thus it might even be a candidate for
LSB inclusion and/or be of interest to other distributions (if they aren't
already shipping it as a dependency of GNU SASL and/or XChat). To me, it
definitely looks like a good solution, though I admit I haven't looked at its
API and I'm not a crypto expert at all. (I just thought of it because I
remembered XChat uses it.)

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