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[Bug 446294] incorrect exit from 'ls'

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--- Comment #19 from Greg Metcalfe <metcalfegreg qwest net>  2008-10-13 19:27:31 EDT ---
Probably should have mentioned, since I sent you an 'll' output: I'm in Oregon.
-7 hrs, PDT through 11/2/08.

I've unpacked the pending RPM:
which links to:
and verified that your man page changes aren't in it.

I grabbed a fresh copy, right at 1600 PDT, and verified the sha1 hash again.
Same file. Nothing more I can test, without a fresh RPM. Perhaps I foxed the
Fedora update system by closing the bug? If so, that would be a useful thing to
know, as in, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." "Then don't do that."

If you're satisfied that it's fixed, and your fixes actually will migrate
through the system, then I'm satisfied as well. Heh, it's a holiday. Columbus
day, when we should have all been off doing Columbus-y things, whatever those
might be. Instead we're all chasing bug fixes.

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