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[Bug 248905] Firestarter - errors reported to ~/.xsession-errors

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Vince Schiavoni <hlingler verizon net> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Severity|low                         |high

--- Comment #5 from Vince Schiavoni <hlingler verizon net>  2008-10-23 09:45:39 EDT ---
Changed SEVERITY to "High".

At this point, the FireStarter application has become a potential security risk
IMHO, due to the age of the code and operational failures:

As much as I like(d) FireStarter, please either fix this package, or withdraw
it from the distribution. Note that the source code has not been updated in
years, so action from the upstream vendor is not to be expected. Other, more
current applications are available to substitute for this program.


Thanks and Regards,

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