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[Bug 209110] iSCSI root device name should be dynamic

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--- Comment #13 from Mark McLoughlin <markmc redhat com>  2008-10-28 03:56:42 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #12)

> What you are seeing here are 2 different problems:
> 1) The device name of iscsi disks is not stable

Nope, that's not what I'm saying. My point is that the target name *is* stable
and mkinitrd should be able to map the target name to a device name and map
that device.

> Solution: use a label or uuid for /

Yep - that's one way of doing it, but "mount by target name" is a valid feature
request too IMHO.

> 2) mkinitrd resolves a label / uuid to a device name and puts this in the
> initrd, given 1) we really should stop doing this.
> I believe thus that this bug should be renamed:
> "mkrootdev gets passed /dev/foo as rootdev while root should be found by LABEL
> or UUID"

See bug #209473

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