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[Bug 229469] NFS fcntl locks being released locally but not on server

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--- Comment #27 from Michael Young <m a young durham ac uk>  2008-10-28 07:38:41 EDT ---
Yes, you are right (though the Fedora 9 and Centos/RHEL 5 fix to get lockd
listening on udp is to uncomment the line LOCKD_UDPPORT=32769 in
/etc/sysconfig/nfs and presumably to change the value for security reasons).
What seems to have been happening in my tests were that once the lock was
released locally the other processes tried to get a lock and were of course
blocked, the netapp box releases the freed lock grants a new one but can't tell
the appropriate process. From then on, as the lock attempt that has unknowingly
succeeded times out, the lock gets passed unknowingly to another queuing
process, so the lock attempts never succeed.

So yes, provided the linux box is listening on UDP the locking seems to work
correctly now, but otherwise there is still the potential for competing locks
not to be granted to a process.

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