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[Bug 189518] keyboard state modifiers erroneously depend on keypress order

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--- Comment #18 from James Ralston <ralston pobox com>  2008-09-09 11:31:22 EDT ---
It depends.  With my old laptop (a Dell Latitude D600), I could reproduce it
fairly easy... probably about 50% of the time.  With my current laptop (a Dell
Latitude D620), I don't think I've *ever* been able to reproduce it.

On both my old and current office PCs, I don't think I was ever able to
reproduce it.

On my home PC (running F9), I can reproduce it, but it happens extremely
infrequently... maybe only once out of every 50 X server invocations.

The problem is more likely to occur when I start X immediately after a
[re]boot.  If the problem occurs, if I shut down and then restart X, the
problem is extremely likely to occur again.  If, however, before restarting X,
I do something that will "stir" memory (e.g., let a "find /" command run for 30
seconds or so), then the problem is extremely unlikely to reoccur.

Again, given that toggling an option can fix the problem in a running server
(see the upstream freedesktop bug), this problem is almost certainly the result
of bug in memory allocation (probably, the use of uninitialized values) within
the X server.

I suspect that without some sort of memory testing toolsuite (e.g., Valgrind),
the bug is going to be very difficult to find.  :(

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