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[Bug 185635] "service vsftpd stop" not stopping all vsftpd processes

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Martin Nagy <mnagy redhat com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |jskala redhat com
         Depends on|                            |456914
         AssignedTo|jskala redhat com           |mnagy redhat com

--- Comment #15 from Martin Nagy <mnagy redhat com>  2008-09-22 08:21:45 EDT ---
OK, the problem with this patch is that we use vsf_sysutil_install_sighandler()
but we really should use vsf_sysutil_install_async_sighandler() and
additionally make sure we unblock the signal in vsf_sysutil_accept_timeout()
and after that block it again.
Fixing this bug will be a pretty radical change, since administrators that are
used to reloading with 'service vsftpd restart' will now find that vsftpd
children are killed and standing connections (and hence possibly file
transfers) are severed. I'm adding Bug #456914 as a dependency, since we will
need alternate way of reloading the configuration ('service vsftpd reload').
This should be ideally addressed in Fedora 11.

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