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[Bug 178998] isapnp probing not working correctly

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--- Comment #60 from Andre Robatino <andre bwh harvard edu>  2008-09-23 20:51:43 EDT ---
I just verified that my sound module snd-cs4236 now loads automatically with
the latest stable F9 kernel (kernel-  So this bug should
be closed.  Unfortunately, sound is now hosed due to non-kernel related bugs,
the most serious of which is that pulseaudio doesn't support ISA devices. 
There is some discussion of this at bug #452052.  That bug was also filed
against the kernel and will also need to be closed, but I would like to file
new bug(s) against the proper component(s) which are causing the present
problems.  Anyone who knows more about this, please let me know.

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