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[Bug 208841] unable to handle multiple console fonts (needed for greek)

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--- Comment #26 from Simos Xenitellis <simos bugzilla gmail com>  2008-09-24 18:19:32 EDT ---
What I guess is going on:

1. The translation messages are correct UTF-8, Greek strings.
2. The console is configured to 8-bit mode (iso-8859-7), not Unicode.
3. The UTF-8 encoded strings are shown as if they are encoded in the iso-8859-7
legacy encoding.

Do the strings look like

$ echo 'Αυτά είναι ελληνικά.' | iconv -f iso-8859-7 -t utf-8
Αυτά Ρίναι Ρλληνικά.
$ _

The solution is to have the console always in Unicode mode.

The default keyboard layout for the console requires dead keys, something that
is not supported in the Linux kernel, and something that needs to be supported
in the terminal emulation program (not available, afaik, 'jfbterm'?).
If there is interest for a Greek keyboard layout for the console, there should
be a variant created that does not require dead keys.

Even if it is not possible to type accents in console mode, the console should
be in Unicode mode.

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