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[Bug 220962] laptop hibernates when secondary battery runs out; primary battery still full

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--- Comment #8 from Jason D. Clinton <me jasonclinton com>  2009-04-12 21:18:24 EDT ---
This bug is still present in Fedora 11 (Rawhide). Please reopen.

Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing logged in the usual locations and
I'm not sure what handles power events like this in Fedora. I just installed
Fedora coming from Debian Unstable on the same kernel version (2.6.29) with
roughly the same version of acpid and it did not have this issue so I imagine
that this is some Fedora-specific power event handler.

I checked /etc/acpi/* and it doesn't appear that any battery-specific events or
event handlers. I don't know how /usr/libexec/hald-addon-acpi fits in to all of

If this is g-p-m, it is odd that Debian finds a way to do this correctly in
spite of also using g-p-m for power management. This is the only significant
patch that I see that Debian has applied versus upstream g-p-m:

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