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[Bug 207470] Need ability to handle duplicate VG names for Xen

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--- Comment #16 from Ask Bjørn Hansen <ask develooper com>  2009-04-17 04:44:18 EDT ---
For the "my xen image is fubar'ed and I need to mess with the data to make it
boot" situation I just realized an obvious-ish work-around:  Run a new box with
the rescue image.

Something like

virt-install -n box1b -r 1024 -f /xen/disks/brokendisk  -p -l
http://mirrors/5/os/x86_64/ -d --vnc --vcpus=1 -x rescue 


Anyway, it just saved me a re-install.   (Of course the one box that isn't
managed completely by puppet etc was the one to go kaboom).

 - ask

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