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[Bug 433503] torcs does not recognize a wheel (or joystick)

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--- Comment #7 from Juhani Jaakola <juhani jaakola kolumbus fi>  2009-04-22 05:17:32 EDT ---
I started Fedora 11 Beta Live CD and installed torcs. I got these versions:

  freealut.i586 0:1.1.0-8.fc11
  freeglut.i586 0:2.4.0-16.fc11
  openal.i586 0:0.0.9-0.17.20060204cvs.fc11
  opengl-games-utils.noarch 0:0.1-8.fc11
  plib.i586 0:1.8.5-2.fc11
  torcs-data.noarch 0:1.3.1-1
  torcs-data-cars-extra.noarch 0:1.3.1-1
  torcs-data-tracks-road.noarch 0:1.3.1-1

Now in "Control Configuration" I can select controls from my wheel and assign
them to Torcs functions.

I can even drive, but with this Live CD I do not have any graphics
acceleration, so playing is impossible. But anyway the wheel works!

Please publish this for Fedora 10!!!!

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