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[Bug 124246] grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template

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--- Comment #34 from Phil <phil ingram internode on net>  2009-04-25 22:36:22 EDT ---
As per hdegoede's request from bug #497290 I've tried to eliminate everything
by doing the following:

* creating a new grub.conf and typing a minimal setup.
* deleted the section that boots my windows install
* one by one deleting all boot sections until there are none left
* removing commands until the file is empty and trying different combinations
* ununhiding the menu
* modifying /etc/sysconfig/grub - previously this file referenced
/dev/nvidia_abcdefgh instead of the actual dmraid device /dev/mapper/nvi... -
to be either the propper dmfakeraid device or the actual block device of
* moving /etc/sysconfig/kernel to a temporary file - i.e. out of the way

To possibly help here's my current hardware setup:

Core2 E6750
Asus Striker Extreme with nVidia 680i chipset
2x Raptors in fakeraid0
2x 750's in fakeraidJBOD
/ is BTRFS and part of an LVM

This is a completely fresh install and is the second complete install of the
beta where this has happened.  I will be doing another reinstall in 2 days when
the preview is released and will comment if the problem persists.

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