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[Bug 208080] BUG AHCI driver module does not load when starting FC6test3 x86_64, while installing the same os, it gets loaded however so installation works 100% fine, but starting the installed kernel doesn't support ahci, so unable to load sata hd and installed os

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--- Comment #10 from Egas Krad <binmann hotmail com>  2009-04-27 04:53:58 EDT ---
This bug is reproduced in Fedora 9. Installed in an AHCI enabled system.
Installation and everything was ok. Rebooted and halted at loading [udev] with
no oops.

Other documents mentioned that recompiling ramdisk with AHCI solved the
problem. However since it is time consuming to recompile ramdisk when your
system don't even load, and more and more computers now shipped with no IDE
option but pure AHCI or RAID option, this bug would soon stopped most new
computer from loading Fedora, except for those who have too much time to
recompiling image for every new installation in resure mode.

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